The New Couriers

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"Brazilian Thoroughfare"

Tunes by Victor Feldman, Steve Melling and Arthur Schwartz


The Chant   New Delhi    Falling In Love    Brazilian Thoroughfare 

  You And The Night And The Music

These are mp3 samples of each track on "Brazilian Thoroughfare". Click on each tab to listen.


Jazz UK February/March 2009
The New Couriers  Brazilian Thoroughfare.
Peter Vacher

    Martin Drew's earlier two-tenor Couriers line-up paid due deference to the celebrated Tubby Hayes-Ronnie Scott original. After Nigel Hitchcock departed, the young vibes player Jim Hart (Hayes played vibes too) came in to team up with star tenor-saxophonist Mornington Lockett. That's the line-up on this live recording and a very pleasing combination it turns out to be.  On Victor Feldman's Messenger-style piece 'The Chant', it's Lockett who solos first, typically effusive, leaving no chord change unturned as he wrenches everything he can from the tune. Paul Morgan's agile bass and Drew's springy drums, with pianist Steve Melling comping enthusiastically, push things along, Hart's solo full of canny harmonic twists and turns.  Much the same goes for 'New Delhi', the second of three Feldman numbers, with Lockett's soprano adding an exotic touch before Morgan walks purposefully and Hart goes his limpid way ahead of Lockett's serpentine explorations and Melling's chunky piano. 'Falling In Love' is prettier, Hart's out-of-tempo cadenza ushering in Lockett's elegiac solo. Melling's title track has a Latin feel, its foot-tapping theme provoking more fine work from Hart and a virtuoso unaccompanied sequence by the composer. Normal service resumes with the closer 'You and the Night and the Music', here given a top-speed seeing-to. Terrific music.


The Guardian  Friday, 30 January 2009
The New Couriers 
Brazilian Thoroughfare
John Fordham

    Since the original late-50s Jazz Couriers, led by the sax duo of Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott, would regularly mix Latin dance shuffles with insane-tempo bebop, this new title from the Couriers devoted tribute band was a bit worrying. But New Couriers regulars need have no fear, right from the opening outburst of the late Victor Feldman's hard-boppish The Chant, with the precise, bluesy bluster of the excellent Mornington Lockett's tenor solo hurtling upwards over the propulsion of drummer-leader Martin Drew's irresistible hi-hat snaps. Vibraphonist Jim Hart's limpid lines make a fine solo contrast, and the whole band is marshalled and cajoled by the thoughtful Steve Melling on piano and the steady purr of Paul Morgan's immaculate bass-playing. Three of the tunes are Feldman's (along with Dave Holland and John McLoughlin, he was one of the Englishmen who caught Miles Davis's ear), and if Steve Melling's Latin title track doesn't really sustain either the Feldman incisiveness or his own pianistic inventiveness, the closing 'You and the Night and the Music' is right in the old Couriers hyper-bop ballpark.


Northern Echo CD Review, North Yorkshire. 19 February 2009
The New Couriers/Brazilian Thoroughfare  (Trio TR581)
Peter Bevan

Inspired by the original Jazz Couriers, Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott, Martin Drew's Quintet has now produced another exciting album, recorded live at London's 606 Club.  The powerful rhythm section with Martin on drums, Paul Morgan, bass, and Steve Melling on piano, is now led by Mornington Lockett on tenor and soprano saxes, with Jim Hart, vibes.  Three Victor Feldman tunes, Steve's title track, and a gloriously up-tempo You And The Night And The Music complete a lively and exhilarating set.


The Observer, Sunday 22 February 2009
Dave Gelly
The New Couriers: 
Brazilian Thoroughfare (Trio Records)

Saxophonist Mornington Lockett must be one of the most complete masters of the instrument alive today, and the fact that his co-leader, Martin Drew, was  Oscar Peterson's drummer for many years speaks for itself. Add phenomenal young vibraphonist Jim Hart, pianist Steve Melling and bassist Paul Morgan, and you have the perfect recipe for the high-octane jazz that is this band's speciality. It takes more than technique to improvise at this discursive length while keeping the ear transfixed by a torrential flow of ideas and pure energy. It's irresistible, no matter what your taste in jazz.


The Musician.  Spring 2009
Keith Ames
The New Couriers 
Brazilian Thoroughfare

The New Couriers are a cracking five piece consisting of the hugely respected team of Martin Drew (drums), Jim Hart )vibes), Mornington Lockett (sax), Steve Melling (piano), and Paul Morgan (double bass). Their latest CD delivers four originals - three by Victor Feldman and one by Melling - plus one standard.  Each cut cleverly picks up where the Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott's Jazz Couriers signed off, and yet successfully reflect Latin and contemporary jazz influences.  Recorded live at the 606 Club in Chelsea last summer, this is captivating and life-affirming stuff, from the opener, The Chant, through to this set's storming closer, You And The Night And The Music.  Superb.



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Since the year 2000, the New Couriers band have become one of the best and well known jazz groups in the country, but Mornington Lockett and Martin Drew, who both run the band, are moving on again.

With Paul Morgan on double bass , Jim Hart on vibraphone, Mornington Lockett on tenor saxophone, Martin Drew on drums, and now Robin Aspland taking over from Steve Melling on piano. We all wish Steve the best in his new projects together with heartfelt thanks for all his help in establishing this band as one of the finest.

The New Couriers now include a wider focus of music in their repertoire.  All the previous New Couriers material is still there to be played, but playing other music in addition to that played by Tubby Hayes and Ronnie Scott, still continues to maintain the integrity of the original concept, but with a freshness that is breathtaking.  After all, imagine the music Tubby would be playing now if he were still alive!

The New Couriers have established a large audience base by playing jazz that is a joy to listen to, and it is hoped that this will continue to grow.  Audiences know that when The New Couriers appear anywhere, they can expect an exciting gig, hearing ageless music played by great musicians, who simply want everyone to enjoy themselves as much as they do.

Essentially, the only real change is the playing of material that has been around for a while, in addition to the Tubby Hayes library. As Martin puts it, 

         "With the tragic passing of Michael Brecker, I started to hear his material in a different light. I have always been a fan of his, together with the rest of the guys, and sadly realised we would never hear him "live" again.  Over the last few years he had seemed to come full circle in the music he played.  From his early jazz, to rock/funk playing with The Brecker Brothers Band with his brother Randy, Paul Simon, Steps Ahead, etc., then back to playing jazz standards in his own inimitable way.  The sheer virtuosity, brilliance, dynamism, and exuberance in his playing, no matter what the style of music, was a revelation to me. I know the elation when hearing Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Bob Berg, and others.  I feel exactly the same way whenever I hear Michael Brecker, perhaps slightly more, as I did know him personally, as well as played with him, making his passing somewhat more poignant for me.  This same elation has inspired me to broaden our musical approach, creating a renaissance regarding the material we play.  It is really just adding music that has been around for a long time, to our repertoire .  All the guys in the band, including myself, continually play this music with other bands, but not as yet with The New Couriers.  Now rectified, the result is fantastic.  We haven't set out to make The New Couriers a Michael Brecker tribute band, but acknowledging his influence and brilliance...........most definitely!"

Martin Drew 2007 


Date Sheet
This list is constantly under revue, but to avoid disappointment, please check local listings and book early,
as unforeseen changes can occur.  Also, gigs are constantly being added.





25 January

L.C.D. Trio Jagz, At The Station, Ascot

29 January

The Watermill Jazz Club, Dorking

2 and 6 March

Ronnie Scott's Club, Soho, London  opposite Georgie Fame

23 - 24 - 25 April

Ronnie Scott's Club, Soho, London  opposite Pee Wee Ellis' Funk Assembly

1 May

L.C.D. Trio Poole, Dorset

9 May

606 Club, Chelsea

10 May

Angel Hotel, Market Harborough

12 May

L.C.D. Trio.  Lower Ground Bar, Hampstead

19 May

Southampton University

28 May

L.C.D. Trio. Octave8, Endell Street, Covent Garden

18 June

L.C.D. Trio. The Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells

25 June

City of London Festival, Finsbury Pavement (Lunchtime)

25 June

Shepperton Jazz Club  (Evening)

2 July

The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen

12 July

L.C.D. Trio. Boaters Jazz Club, Kingston

8 August

Brecon International Jazz Festival

14 August

Stoke-by-Nayland  (New Boxford Jazz Club Venue)

13 September

Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street, Soho

18 September

Gala Charity Gig, Chatham, R.A.F.A Club, with Liane Carroll, etc.

18 October

L.C.D. Trio. Eagle Tavern, Rochester.  Lunchtime

22 October

L.C.D. Trio.  Newcastle-on-Tyne

1 November

Herts Jazz, Panshanger Golf Club

4 December

Brighton Jazz Club